Bring and maintain your customers with the Loyalty Program!

What if your loyalty program is connected to more than 20,000 outlets?

Increase and expand your network and business transactions by becoming Ponta Partner. You can undoubtedly increase and expand your business’ network with one of our service which becoming a part of Ponta Partner. Each transaction will be more optimal.


  • Each transaction your customers made in your outlet will have emotional impact by using the point (issue) system by using Ponta card.


  • Points your customers have collected and accumulated can be redeemed directly in your outlet or in other Ponta Partner outlet as a part of Redeem feature.


  • Your customer also can gain other advantages such as directly executing redeem action in mobile application for e-voucher transaction, phone credit, electricity token, lottery prize, etc.


Interesting, isn’t it?

Other Services
Discount Merchant

Discounts have proven effective in increasing sales, but is that the main factor? Without exposure, your discount becomes useless. Is there EXPOSURE that is WIDE-SCALE, INSTANT, and FREE?

Marketing Campaign

A campaign that can be adjusted to your objectives. Ponta can help you in developing and distributing a campaign to achieve goals.

Redemption Point

You can exchange reward points from your business loyalty program with Ponta's Points, which means the point exchange option will vary greatly, thus increasing the success of your program.

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