With so many choices and variations of formula available in the market, choosing the best formula for your child can be challenging. So, how do parents choose formula milk for their children?

Parents’ decisions on which formula to use will depend on several factors, starting from the nutritional needs of their children, affordable prices, even some parents consult to doctor and ask for recommendations. But most of all, it will return to the child's acceptance after drinking the formula, if the child does not like it and other reactions occur, such as allergies or loss of appetite, then the formula will be considered unsuitable for the child.

Furthermore, about the formula prices, most parents feel that online stores are cheaper than offline stores. However, the majority of them still prefer to buy the baby formula directly to the offline store because they can see the products directly and make sure the expiration date is still long, and at the same time, they can also shop for other necessities.

On the other hand, the main reason parents are still hesitant to buy formula milk online is because they don't want to wait too long for the shipment. Actually, from that reason, we can conclude that it has become a habit for the majority of parents where they will repeat purchases after the stock of the formula at home is running low (not keeping stock), so they have the urge to get the product immediately and prefer to go to the nearest offline store.

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