The holy month of Ramadan has passed. Many people have been doing outdoor activities during this year’s festive season, different from last year which were close to the beginning of the pandemic and there was the PSBB regulation which kept people at home and limited their outdoor activities. Let's have a look at the growth of several grocery categories during the festive season.  


During 2021, the sales growth of masks in the safety kit category has increased aggressively (593%), because many people are getting back into their normal activities and they need to protect themselves during their outdoor mobility. In 2020, the growth in the safety kit category was only 5%, it might have been caused by production issues since there were still limited suppliers in that category and caused the scarcity condition of the mask. The growth of the personal care category was also higher this year (49%) compared to last year (6%), driven by the sales of skin care. In addition, during last year’s festive season, there was the PSBB regulation that made people have to stay at home and didn't really need safety kit & personal care products during stay at home.

The fact that the vaccination program is getting more massive and the proof that social/physical distancing is quite effective as self protection indirectly makes the consideration of having physical protection from the outside higher than increasing the antibodies from the inside. This assumption is formed by the decreasing of the supplement and vitamin category sales growth which is lower than last year


Now let’s dive into the home cooking & snack categories that have been able to maintain high growth since last year. Last year, restaurants and other outdoor food businesses were closed during PSBB. Indeed, more restaurants have opened recently with less than 100% capacity regulation to implement social distancing protocols but some people are still hesitate to eat outside due to the doubt of safeness. So they still prefer to cook at home instead of eating outside. We can also see the increase of the impulse category. Last year’s festive season, which was close to the beginning of the pandemic, made people limit their outdoor activity and rarely shop in-store, thus reducing the purchase of impulse goods due to the high uncertainty in their monthly income. But this year, some of the working sector is getting normal, most people being rehired and their spending power start to grow again.


Let's move on to the category of baby diapers, baby toiletries, & baby accessories which showed an average growth about 50% higher than last year. Looking back at last year's situation where many people were worried about their financial matters, causing them to squeeze their grocery budgets, one of them is the budget for their baby's needs. But this year, when the situation begins to return to normal and their monthly incomes become stable again, they begin to loosen their spending budgets.

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