Based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, as of November 3, 2022, there were 323 cases of acute kidney injury, mainly affecting children in Indonesia, spread across 28 provinces. The number of deaths reached 190 patients. The province that contributed the most cases was DKI Jakarta, followed by West Java. Many cases of acute kidney failure in Indonesia are found due to poisoning by harmful substances in children's syrup. This case caused sales of children's cough syrup at minimarkets to drop significantly in November 2022.


In this study, PT Global Loyalty Indonesia (GLI) surveyed 105 parents to see how the impact of cases of acute kidney injury cases on the purchase behavior of OTC medicines for children. This research aims to determine the parent's behavior when the children are sick before and after discovering harmful substances in children's syrup.

Before discussing the impact of this issue, PT Global Loyalty Indonesia (GLI) wants to explore more about parents' habits in giving OTC medicines to their children before the cases of acute kidney injury has risen.


Most parents tend to give oral medication when their child shows fever/cough/cold symptoms.