Since the pandemic entered Indonesia in 2020, we must wear masks when leaving the house to avoid the coronavirus. And as reported by the government, on May 18, 2022[1], it was announced that the public is no longer required to wear masks when doing outdoor activities. However, for activities in closed spaces and public transportation, the government still requires people who experience symptoms of coughs and colds to wear masks while on the move.

Based on a PT Global Loyalty Indonesia survey, 87% of people know that the government allows masks outdoors. However, there are two different views, 47% of people fear that other virus variants will appear on June 6, 2022, [2] has entered and confirmed positive for New Variant Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 in Indonesia. Meanwhile, 45% of people feel happy because when the government allows them to take off their masks outdoors, it means the pandemic is improving or more controlled.

Moreover, if we look at the trend of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, after Omicron Variant (on Feb-Mar 2022), it can be seen that Covid-19 in Indonesia has started to slow down, and many people also do other activities as usual.

Look at the Google Mobility Index during the pandemic, the parks category started to increase around March and the peak season is in May, which means many people have returned to normal activities such as traveling, vacation, and doing other activities.

And also, with activities returning to normal and variant cases decreasing, 78% of people are happy because the current situation is getting better.

With the current situation, people's tendency to buy protocol kits has decreased after the omicron variant. However, compared to the initial appearance of COVID-19, sales of COVID-19 protocol kits are still higher. The graph shows that there is a new habit that we are doing to keep buying or keeping stock of the covid-19 protocol kit, especially for the sales of masks. Because people still buying even though they have been allowed to take off masks outdoor.

In fact, 78% of people still use masks while outdoors. The reason is, that 48% of the people still use masks wherever and whenever, 28% of the people are still afraid of the current situation, and another 26% use masks outdoors according to the situation.

Also, 71% of the people are still using the covid-19 protocol kit. However, 22% of people have rarely used it, and they rarely used the protocol kit when 3-4 months ago or after the omicron variant.

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