Online channel is one of places considered by shoppers in making decision to buy something. It’s not such a big deal for consumers to shop in online channel as well, although they need to be more careful when using it. 46% of shoppers surveyed confirm inventory online before going to store. In a global survey, 74% of in-store shoppers who searched online before going to the store to shop, said they searched for something in-store related such as the closest store near them, locations, in stock near them, hours, directions, wait times, and contact information. 73% of the customers were using multiple channels during their purchase journey, according to Harvard Business Review.

In current time it’s easier and more comfortable for people to shop when they have many options. Omni Channel could be a right solution in hurry needs of consumers, where they can choose among delivery services or self pick up service.

With the limited outside activities during this pandemic, people start to learn and know more about online shopping. A few of them started to open online stores, and the others did searching of any online store of their favorite brand. It was proven by the related topic / keywords in Google search.

Online sales of minimarket was growing significantly in this year especially during pandemic situation. Even in Sep’20, sales and receipt per person are slightly above offline sales. Furthermore, the basket size in minimarkets through online sales also increased and reach at the same point with offline sales.

It seems more consumers are more comfortable to shop in minimarket online channel, and now they have more believe in the online technology. Some of them also avoiding the crowd and queue in minimarkets, using online channel. However, mostly consumers also find it helpful and easier to fulfill their daily needs through mobile apps. They just need to click the apps, and the items will be delivered to them. People love convenience on this day.

More consumers are keen to online shopping, that shifted behavior of some consumers from direct purchase in physical stores to become online purchase. If this trend goes the same, in few years ahead the online shopping proportion will be bigger than offline sales itself. That’s why we need to see ourselves whether we ready for this thing? Do we have adequate Omni channel technology to capture the future demands? If not, we have to prepare it right now.

In recent months, only Home Cooking category that having significant growth due to the online promotion and generating the online sales proportion bigger than offline. Mostly consumers are quite confident to buy Cooking Oil via online.

Meanwhile in Healthy, Cleaning, and Impulse categories, both their online and offline sales are also increased, but the proportion of online sales still lower than offline. Consumers are still seeing offline channel as the main channel to buy those 3 categories products.

Mostly people who have tried online shopping will continue to use online channel due to its easiness compared to offline shopping.

Even though some of consumers still go to offline channel, but some promo in online channels could be a trigger for consumers to buy online. As in the future, the online channel will be an important part to get more consumers.

How about your products? Have you ever compared the sales of your products on online and offline channels during this pandemic? Is there any opportunity to make higher share of your brands with Omni channel? Do you want to know all that? Contact us and we are here to help.