Indonesia's COVID-19 cases in the last few days have grown very rapidly due to a new variant called the Delta variant. This situation requires the government to take more decisive steps to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus. On July 1, 2021 as reported by detik news [1], President Joko Widodo has officially announced the implementation of emergency public activity restriction (PPKM Darurat) starting from 3 to 20 July 2021, specifically in Java and Bali. Jokowi said that this emergency PPKM will include restrictions on public activities that are stricter than those that have been in effect, both micro-scale PPKM and large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). So how do Indonesian people respond to this announcement?

More than half (51%) of people agree to restrict public activities, they believe PPKM is an effective way to suppress the spread of the virus. The other 25% of people are neutral, they will follow any regulations from the government. And the remaining 24% of people feel that there is no need to implement PPKM because they are worried that the regulation will interfere their income. In conclusion, currently we can see that people are aware of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in recent times.

During the emergency PPKM period, activities at shopping centers/malls/trade centers are temporarily closed & for supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, operating hours are limited to 08.00 pm local time with a maximum capacity of 50% visitors [2]. Let's see how it affects consumer behavior, where will they shop in the current situation?

64% of people will shop directly to the store near their homes. Meanwhile, 36% of people choose to shop online because they can get lots of discounts and fast delivery at the same time. In addition, online shopping can be a solution to avoid crowds and queues at minimarkets to prevent the risk of being infected by COVID-19.

Furthermore, to prevent the spread of the virus, 91% of people will implement strict health protocols, such as washing hands, wearing masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility.

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