It has been more than a year since schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and students continued their education through online learning. Now, the pro and const start to raise on when and how limited face-to-face learning can resume. As reported by detiknews [1], President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave directions regarding the planned resumption of limited face-to-face schools in July. Jokowi asked for face-to-face schools plans to only be attended by 25 percent of the total students. Schools are also only conducted two days a week, each day lasting a maximum of 2 hours. Furthermore, Jokowi also asked teachers to be vaccinated before limited face-to-face school activities begin. But at the end, the implementation of limited face-to-face learning at schools must be with the permission of the parents. So, how do parents respond to this announcement?

Our survey results show that 84% of parents agree to return to face-to-face learning again, so their children can learn optimally and socialize again at school while still adhering to the health protocols. Meanwhile, there are still 10% of parents who disagree because currently the number of Covid-19 cases is still high.


The previous results are in line with our next finding, where online learning is considered ineffective according to the majority of parents (77%). The main reason is caused by an unstable internet connection at home that makes their children confused and don’t understand the lesson. So the news related to the re-opening of learning activities in schools are welcomed positively by most parents because their children can learn optimally at school.

Furthermore, to prepare their children to return to face-to-face learning at schools, what items do parents need the most? The survey showed that masks and hand sanitizer are the most needed items.

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