Endorsement from influencers is a form of support or promotion of a product or brand carried out by an influencer through social media platforms or other communication channels. An influencer is an individual who holds significant influence within a community or among their followers, especially on social media. In this article, we will explore the impact of social media influencers on consumer purchasing decisions, and we will also look at the differences in spending habits of Gen Z and Millennials. PT Global Loyalty Indonesia conducted a survey of 100 respondents to observe differences in the behavior of Generation Z and Millennials.

Gen Z uses the social media platform TikTok more, while millennials use Instagram more.


Gen Z mostly follows Tasya Farasya as a social media influencer, while millennials follow Raffi Ahmad the most.

Tasya Farasya is most trusted by Generation Z because she reviews products honestly, in detail, and her followers appreciate her ability to effectively convey messages. There is even a tagline "Tasya Farasya Approved." On the other hand, Raffi Ahmad is most trusted by millennials because he understands the core of the products he endorses, and his manner and presentation are also commendable.

Gen Z buys the most products endorsed by influencers compared to millennials. Beauty products and Food/drink are the most frequently purchased product category.

Millennials spends more on weekdays than Gen Z. Millennials spend the most money on food, while Gen Z spends most of their money on transportation/gasoline.

For the weekend, the expenditure of Gen Z and Millennials is almost the same, ranging from IDR 100,000 - IDR 200,000, mostly for hanging out.

Gen Z prefers online shops because apart from lots of promotions there are also lots of discounts/free shipping, while millennials prefer offline shops because apart from lots of promos, the shops are close to home.

The product categories most purchased by Gen Z are beauty, fashion and food beverage. while the categories most purchased by millennials are beauty, household, and fashion.

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