In Q2 2022, online game voucher transactions in Minimarket increased almost 13 times compared to Q1 2022. This enthusiasm for online game vouchers doesn’t only occur in Minimarket, E-commerce platforms also claim that game voucher transactions have increased almost 1.5 times in Q2 2022 compared to Q1 2022. 

PT Global Loyalty Indonesia surveyed 101 respondents who played online games in the last 3 months, and divided them into three levels of purchasing power, such as Mild user with 35 respondents, Medium user with 34 respondents, and Heavy user with 32 respondents. Most gamers top up game vouchers 1-3 times a month (59%) with a nominal transaction of IDR 100,000 – IDR 200,000 (50%). 

Most gamers top up games on website (Codashop/ UniPlay/ DuniaGames/ UniPin) (34%) using bank transfer (BCA/ Seabank/ Mandiri) (50%) as a payment method. Mild users and medium users tend to top up games on website using bank transfer and e-wallet, while heavy users tend to top up games in e-commerce using bank transfer.

In the midst of high public interest in the online game industry, the government (Kominfo) through the Electronic System Operators (PSE) policy appealed to all digital industry players to register their companies. The registration obligation is based on the Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation Number 5 of 2020, which states that every PSE of Private Scope, both domestic and foreign, must register before conducting business activities in Indonesia. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics will impose sanctions for Private Electronic System Operators (PSE) who do not register until the deadline of July 20, 2022. The Sanctions are carried out in stages, ranging from written warnings, administrative fines, to termination of access or blocking.

This policy raises the pros and cons in the society. This study wants to see how the impact of Electronic System Operators (PSE) policy on online game users, especially online game users who top up games at Alfamart in the past 3 months, and whether the Electronic System Operators (PSE) policy will reduce their enthusiasm to play online games. Most of gamers are aware of the Electronic System Operator (PSE) policy (51%), especially heavy users (56%).


Responding to the Electronic System Operator (PSE) policy, 40% of gamers voted neutral, 35% of gamers disagreed, and 26% of gamers agreed with the policy. Most of those who agree with PSE policy are heavy users (31%). Most gamers agree because it is a rule from the government so it must be obeyed. Meanwhile, most gamers do not agree with this policy because they feel it is very detrimental to gamers and interferes with gaming activities. They also consider the regulation unreasonable, many online gambling sites are not blocked while the actual games are blocked.

53% of gamers feel that the impact of the Electronic System Operator (PSE) policy is positive, 38% are neutral, and 10% feel the policy effect is balanced. Most of those who stated a positive impact are heavy users (66%). Heavy users and medium users feel that the Electronic System Operator (PSE) policy has a positive impact because they are more secure and protected from fraud or game break-ins, while mild users feel that with this policy the company becomes official and registered with the government (Kominfo). As for the negative impact, heavy users and medium users feel that privacy is easily known by Kominfo and vulnerable to abuse. While according to mild users, the Electronic System Operator (PSE) policy is only one-sided, causing a commotion in society.

Some of games that have been blocked by the government (Kominfo) for not being registered on the Electronic System Operator (PSE) are Dota 2 and Epic Games. Meanwhile, other games such as Mobile legend, PUBG, and Free fire are not blocked because they are already registered on the Electronic System Operator (PSE). Mobile legend is the most played online game (59%).

So it can be concluded that the Electronic System Operators (PSE) policy received a positive response from the gamer community itself, especially heavy users. With PSE policy, all companies are clearly and officially registered, so many gamers feel more secure and protected from fraud, account break-ins and other illegal acts. This is a positive value for the development of the game industry in the future because more and more people believe in online game sites or applications in Indonesia.


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