Social media today is playing an essential part in our day-to-day life. It helps us to stay in touch with our loved ones, get information faster, and has become a very useful platform for business. As a result, checking our social media has become a daily routine. Some are addicted to it so much that the first thing they do after waking up is checking their social media feeds. So, let's see how social media has affected people's lives today.

As reported on [1], people spend more than 3 hours per day on social media & almost 9 hours per day browsing the internet. Especially during the pandemic, where we are required to maintain physical distance, social media & the internet seem like the only way to reach friends, family & also become the source of entertainment, information, opportunities, working and schools platforms.

Social media enables communication not only for one's personal life but also for business life. Nowadays, social media has become a must-have tool in the business world to spread information, place advertisements, and reach the largest audience. As an example today, we can see that people rarely read newspapers to get information or barely look into newspapers for advertisements. Instead, all the ads today are posted online and can be seen through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, & Tiktok, which are the most often seen ads by respondents. In addition, social media today can also influence consumers' purchase decisions through reviews and advertising.

Furthermore, in 2021, the most popular social media platforms are Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.

How about you? Which social media platform is your favorite? Well, in the end, we hope these insights are beneficial for you, and if you would like to know more about consumer behavior, feel free to contact us.

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