Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) or Religious Holiday Allowances is an annual bonus given to employees when a Religious Holiday comes. Religious Holidays are important days for all Indonesian people because apart from carrying out worship, there are also more special things according to the culture of each religion. According to the survey by PT. Global Loyalty Indonesia, as many as 56% of respondents this year received THR, and the rest (44%) did not. And for them, this THR has an important role because they have the highest percentage (45%) for fulfilling the needs of Eid al-Fitr. It will be difficult for families to afford the festivities without the THR payment.

If we look how important THR is for them, most of the money they spend is for Mudik. It turned out that 52% of respondents say that, then 45% of respondents used for shopping, such as buying new clothes or buying praying stuff, both on e-commerce or offline store. The Other respondents used their THR money for vacations, sent hampers, paying zakat, and The usual tradition of giving some money to their families.

And also, if we look at the distribution of THR  spending by respondents, Cooking needs to contribute as much as 19%. The phase of increasing sales of cooking needs occurred on D-14 before Eid al-Fitr until post-Eid al-Fitr, there was a dropped in these sales. That happened because respondents used their THR money for other conditions, such as Mudik, which contributed 52%, shopping (45%), vacation (38%), etc.

As reported by the government this year, as many as 85 million people can go on Mudik trips after 2 to 3 years of prohibition to go Mudik. Also, when they use their money for Mudik, 50% of respondents is used to buy gasoline, and 47% buy some food. Apart from that, they also buy a transportation ticket, E-Tolls, Souvenirs, etc.

Furthermore, in terms of the items needed to prepare for Mudik, 69% of sales of Snacks and Biscuits have the highest growth when preparing for mudik season. Meanwhile, Medicine and Vitamins have increased by 63%, and 11% improved for Personal Care.

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